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Your Mundane WordPress Tasks Are Finally Done And Over With...

They say...

"Wordpress is the easiest platform to use."

If it were so easy, then why does it take hours (sometimes DAYS) to set up a simple one-page website?

Answer: Because of all the time-wasting steps we have to take to take for each and every new WordPress installation.

We have to do things like:[+] Delete sample pages, posts, and comments[+] Manually change certain settings to avoid floods of comment spam[+] Install all of our plugins manually[+] Etc etc.

And not only that...

But we also want to make sure our site is "Google Ready".

So that means we gotta do even MORE stuff:[+] Add pages that search engines love to see (contact, privacy policy, about, etc)[+] Add legal pages that search engines love to see (disclaimers, dmca notice, etc)[+] Edit the permalink setting[+] Etc etc etc.

This can take a heck-uv-a-lot of time.

...especially when you're dealing with multiple sites.

We saw this problem.

And we set out to fix it.

So we put our development team to work.

And we finally came up with the ULTIMATE "push button" solution...

Now all of your mundane WordPress tasks can be done in ONE single click - yes, literally.


WP Clickster

  • Massive Time Saver

  • Simple To Use

  • Very Push Button

  • 100% Newbie Friendly

Get Instant Access to WP Clickster

Now You Can Set Up Your WordPress Site In Seconds

  • No more "grunt work" WordPress tasks - ever again...
  • Now you can spend just a few seconds setting up your sites. NOT HOURS.
  • Click one button and BOOM - Your site is completely set up and ready for the search engines.
  • What would it be like to be able to crank out sites within SECONDS? Would that increase your earning potential?
  • How awesome would it be to get on page 1 of Google with just a few clicks of the mouse?
  • Now you can move 10 times quicker than your competition and focus on more important tasks for your business.

No More Nonsense WordPress Tasks...

  • No need to make any HUGE investments (of both time and money).
  • No need to setup your WordPress site manually - ever again.
  • Never again do you have to do boring WordPress tasks yourself.
  • No hair-pulling tech skills required.
  • No more repetitve (and time consuming) grunt work.
  • ...And no complicated training material that has you wondering what the heck to do next.

WP Clickster Is Easy As 1-2-3!

  • One Click Software

    If you can select a few check boxes and click ONE button (yes, ONE) then you’ll be off to the races with this powerful one click software.

  • 100% Wordpress Automation

    Now you can finally let WP Clickster automate the entire WordPress setup for you. Or if you want to give one of your existing sites a “fresh start” then WP Clickster can do that too (with just ONE click!)

  • HUGE Time Saver

    Never again do you have to waste anymore of your precious time on mundane tasks. Let the power (and simplicity) of WP Clickster save you a TON of time!

  • Step By Step Training Included

    The training that we’re including with this software is very step by step and over the shoulder. That way you aren’t scratching your head wondering what to do next..

  • Scaleable & Repeatable

    Want to repeat and scale your efforts over and over again using this software? No problem! The sky is the limit here (especially when you grab the Unlimited Site License).

  • 100% Newbie Friendly

    We really built this plugin with the intention of allowing anyone (yes, anyone) to use this software and start saving an enormous amount of time with it.

Demo Video

Genuine Testimonials!

Here's what my Customers have to say!

I have purchased many themes from Josee over the years and they have been wonderful and when called on to support for things once in a while - she has personally answered my questions and provided the proper solutions to my sometimes customized requests.  One thing that I really liked from Josee in the past was her Enigma theme.  Top notch!  Thanks Josee!

Ted Stalets, Tennessee

I have been buying from Josee as long as Josee has been creating themes and plugins! I never miss one! Josee’s coding is clean, always creative, and always a great addition to my WP portfolio. Josee is a true professional - from product launch to long term support, I have never regretted a single purchase, and always look forward to the next one! The Biz Zone

Melody Wigdahl, Ohio

I'm very pleased to give a ringing endorsement of your products! I have purchased several of your themes and theme packages and you ALWAYS over-deliver. I use your themes consistently because they are so versatile, and the bonuses you provide are actually valuable - not some rehashed junk that other developers call "bonuses". Keep up the good work!

Greg Simonds, San Diego, C alifornia

I have purchased many of Josee's themes and plugins over the last couple of years. What great products she brings to the table! While I have made many of my own themes for WordPress, I purchase her products to save me lots of dev time, so I can focus on content. With a website system that's been online 18 years, offering gigabytes of downloads, and terabytes of bandwidth each year...content IS my focus. Josee's products are functional, well planned, and imminently usable. What more could you ask for? Thanks, Josee. Keep up the great work!

Rich Fleetwood, Wyoming

I have bought 4 themes to date from Josee, and they have given me exactly what I needed. The descriptions of the themes are easy to understand and install is quick. Customer support is 100% satisfactory. I have sent requests twice and each time the turn around was fast! Problem solved! Thanks for the great themes and superb bonuses

Bernie Landry, Dorval, QC, Canada

There are many WP theme developers online - some are good on occasion and others never seem to hit the mark. However, I always know Josee will release an amazing theme. Not only does she offer a fantastic range of options and flexibility, but she tells us HOW to use and setup the site. Imagine if all theme developers treated us so well. Thank you Josee for being a vendor I can always count on

Nikki Leigh, VA

I've been using Josee's themes for several years now. These are absolutely the best themes around and with her prices so reasonable with the developer versions, why would I look anywhere else. Josee stays on top of all the trends in WordPress themes and they work right out of the box. I've been delighted by the themes and they have made me a lot of money using them in client situations. In addition to being such great themes, the customer support is unbelievably tremendous. No matter what question I asked, it seems that I get a response within 15 minutes tops and that's even on the weekends! Thanks for your great themes Josee!

Sean Atkinsson, Utah

I love your products, very professional and they have worked amazingly for my clients. Thank you.

Margie Baxley, South Carolina

Josee always have great WordPress Themes and Plugins that can be used for online and and offline business. The themes are easy to use and very professional. I always enjoy each purchase from Josee. Josee is a great WordPress Designer and would encourage everyone to check out the WP Sites and Plugins.

Pastor Eric Patton, Memphis, TN

I love your products. They are priced very economically without comprising on the quality and standards of the products and results they deliver. You provide premium themes and plugins almost for free and that is what as a newbie and on a shoestring budget guy like me needs. You are a great help and support to the Internet Marketing community and entrepreneurs. Keep up the good work. God bless, Zafar Iqbal

Zafar Iqbal, from Dubai, the hottest destination in the world - United Arab Emirates.

I've bought several offers from Josee and I'm so glad to buy them. Josee offers great WP themes and plugins and also have great support team behind so I don't have to worry about getting myself into troubles. Needless to say, Josee always over-deliver! Would love to buy more offer from you. 🙂

Arief Ramadhan, Jakarta, Indonesia

I love your themes and service.  Whenever I have a question, you respond quickly, and go way above the minimum.  I use your themes to grow my business.  I consider you to be more of a partner not just a vendor.  Thanks again...Shelia

Shelia T., Conyers, GA

I try and buy as many of Josee's themes and products because its always easy to use and quick for me to apply. Response time is always quick and Josee is always willing to help . Very knowledgable and I have been a customer for a few years now.

Lynley Pillay, Cape Town, South Africa

I've been buying products from Josee now for a couple of years, and I am always extremely impressed with the quality of the themes and products, the incredible value, and the excellent bonuses. Josee has an integrity in business that goes far beyond anyone else that I've purchased IM products from, which includes many well known people.. and it is for that reason that am very grateful and will always be a customer. Sincerely, Dr. John John Michael Christian Companies

Dr. John, Tucson, Arizona

I have been a satisfied customer for a few years now and it goes far beyond a great product. Everything you have to offer is fresh and innovative and always meets your customers needs and your products change just like the workings of the internet business giving us the ability to better serve our customers. What I appreciate the most is your customer service support and the personal touch you add to it. Even when I had minor issues that arose in the past, you fixed them almost immediately even though the problem didn't lie with you. Feel free to use me as an unsolicited testimonial to you and your products as it has been Top Notch and I know I am not alone in saying this. Customer for Life.

John Ramos, Utah, U.S.A.

I’ve bought several of Josees themes over the past couple of years, and very seldom have we had any problems at all, always finding them easy to use and smoothly responsive. On those rare occasions that we have needed support, the answers w/ solutions came literally within minutes each time.  She runs a great business, knows how to treat customers, and I highly recommend her

Scott Hendison, Oregon

I considered myself as a fully satisfied customer since about two year from now, I bought a lot of products such as themes, plugins, what should I say about these valuable products? everything is fantastic along with superior support. The only word to say, is please keep these super products and identical support as is, so that Internet Marketers can always keep buying your products and enjoy your support if needed.,

Ashraf Hanafy, Saudi Arabia

Exactly What You Get With WP Clickster

The WP Clickster Software (VALUE: $97)

Now you can finally:

  • Install all of your favorite Wordpress plugins with ONE single click!
  • Create complete legal pages (Earnings Disclaimer, Affiliate Disclosure, Amazon Associate Disclosure, Copyright / DMCA Notice, Anti Spam Policy, Medical Disclaimer, etc).
  • Create those pages that Google loves to see with ease (About, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Contact Us, etc).
  • Change permalink settings to make your site more SEO friendly.
  • Disable those annoying Wordpress notifications that constantly bombard your email inbox with spam.
  • Create multiple categories and blank pages quickly.

All of these mundane tasks can take hours to complete. But with WP Clickster, it takes just ONE click. You can imagine how much time can be saved when working on multiple sites.

Over The Shoulder Training/Installation Video (VALUE: $27)

In this step-by-step video, we'll walk you through exactly how to install WP Clickster onto your website.

It's almost as if you're in the room looking right over our shoulder. We walk you through not only how to install it, but also how to get the very most out of the WP Clickster.

After watching this video, you'll be up and running within minutes.

FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - Recently Viewed Plugin (VALUE: $47)

With this simple plugin, you can reduce your bounce rate, increase your page views, and give readers the EXACT information that they want to see every time they vist your site.

How does it do it?

It creates multiple "related" posts for you so that your visitors can't help but stay glued to your site 😉

FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - Hi-Lite & Share Plugin (VALUE: $47)

With this powerful plugin, you can now create compelling "click to share" quotes right from your post editing screen.

Not only that, but it allows your readers to choose their own text that they'd like to share from your site.

In other words, when something grabs their attention, they can quickly spread the word.

This is probably one of the best ways to get your readers to take action and share your links on today's biggest social media platforms.

WAIT!!!! I have More Bonuses for you if you order today!!

HUGE collection of premium quality WordPress plugins on hot Internet Marketing topics

This is a HUGE collection of premium quality WordPress plugins on hot Internet Marketing topics. I bought a license to these WP plugins from Wynter Jones, and this license allows me to transfer PLR to you. EACH of these PLR plugins used to sell for $97 – $197 a pop. I’ve actually spent several thousand dollars with Wynter and Dylan over the years buying PLR to their content… and now I’m able to transfer you PLR to 38 of their hot plugins.

NOTE: I didn’t create these plugins, and some of them are a year or two old… so if you experience any problems, sorry but I can’t really do anything. Most should work fine, but some might need some tweaking by another developer. Just being 100% transparent with you.

Get Started Now With WP Clickster

But remember that this Special Launch Offer will not last forever and the Price Will Go Up. Again, I’m sorry about this but I want to make this deal as incredible for you as possible but you must act fast to avoid disappointed and lock in the special price and extra bonus. So if you are interested in getting this offer, now is the time to act and Lock-in your Special Offer Price and Launch Bonus.

Thanks for checking out our offer, I really appreciate it and I know you are going to love using this in your business and I’m excited to soon have you as a customer.

P.S. Pick it up today at the Special Launch Offer and Lock-in all your Bonus. Remember the Price will Increase Soon, so Act Now and Get Your Copy at the Lowest Possible Price.

P.P.S. I really hate for you to miss out on this Amazing Deal or have to pay more later when the prices goes up. Get it now and to get the Special Launch Discount, and remember you are 100% Protected with my Money Back Guarantee.

Order your copy now to get access. Comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

Get Started Now With WP Clickster
  • Yes! I want instant access to WP Clickster and all the huge bonuses

    All this for a low one-time investment of just $27.00 and I’m completely covered by your 30-day, money-back guarantee!

Let’s recap everything you are getting today:

  • The WP Clickster Software (VALUE: $97)
  • First Class Full Support ( $197)
  • FREE Lifetime Updates ($297 Value)
  • Over The Shoulder Training/Installation Video (VALUE: $27)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - Recently Viewed Plugin (VALUE: $47)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - Hi-Lite & Share Plugin (VALUE: $47)
  • HUGE collection of 38 premium quality WordPress plugins on hot Internet Marketing topics ($1,000)
  • For a total value of $ 4,385
  • All the risk is on me.

    Take it all for a “test drive” and see for yourself how great this package is. Send me an email and I’ll refund 100% of your investment.

Massive WP Bundle oto1

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is this really newbie friendly?
Yes! We built this so that our grandparents could use it. Literally all you have to do is select a few options and then click ONE button and WP Clickster will go to work for you. And just in case you run into ANY problems, we have step by step training videos to guide you every step of the way.

Q: Are there any OTOs / upsells?
After ordering we do have a couple special offers for our awesome customers 🙂 Just like any upsell, these purchases are optional but they definitely help take things to the NEXT level.

Q: What license rights do I have to this software?
For this offer on this page, you're getting personal use rights only. This means you can use this plugin for any and ALL of your own sites when you buy the Unlimited Site License.

Q: Does this work on Mac and PC?
Yes! Since this is a WordPress plugin, this will work on ANY computer really 🙂

Q: Do you walk me through how to install and USE this software to its full capability?
Yes absolutely! We have included over-the-shoulder video training for you so that can easily install this software and start taking advantage of its "push button" awesomeness 😉

Q: Do I need to do tech stuff to make this work? (coding, etc)
Absolutely not. We built this so you wouldn't have to deal with any of that tech mumbo jumbo.

Q: Will this get over-saturated? Will too many people start using this?
Nope 🙂 This is simply a TIME saving tool that benefits everyone who gets it. One thing is for sure though... by having WP Clickster in your holster your competitiors will definitely wonder how you are cranking out sites so fast 🙂

What types of sites can I use this on?
WP Clickster works for ANY type of site: Amazon niche sites, Facebook sites, offline/local business sites, Adsense sites, affiliate review sites, sites for your own products, etc.